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Indiana Democrat Insults Soldiers and Indiana Voters

Indiana Democrat Rep. Dave Cheatham

          Incompetent politicians, when backed into a corner of tough decisions, run and hide.  Such is the case with the Indiana Democrat’s walkout that lasted more than a month.  Not surprisingly, now that the Democrats have returned, they are scurrying about looking for some way to justify their cowardice and save their seats in the Indiana House of Representatives.

           Take Representative Dave Cheatham for example.  In the March 26th Third House Meeting in Madison, Indiana, Dave tried to justify his dereliction of duty by comparing his spineless retreat to Illinois to the bravery of an American Soldier going to Afghanistan.  Before reading further, watch this video.

          What you have just witnessed is an ancient “winning” technique called “Sophistry”.  The following are definitions of “Sophistry”:

2011 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

1. subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation

 The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009.

1. Plausible but fallacious argumentation.

2. A plausible but misleading or fallacious argument

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 1. (Philosophy)

a.  a method of argument that is seemingly plausible though actually invalid and misleading

b.  the art of using such arguments

2. subtle but unsound or fallacious reasoning

          Now notice these key phrases: “subtly deceptive”, “fallacious”, “misleading”, “invalid and misleading,” and “unsound”.

          Dave Cheatham’s little story has all the makings for a heart-wrenching, tearjerker of a tale.  The problem is, whether the story is fiction or non-fiction (and I am leaning toward fiction), it is an unsound argument that seems plausible at first but fails the test of reality.  Mr. Cheatham and his band of run-away Democrats are frantically reaching for anything that might make sense of their walkout to their constituents.  Unfortunately for Rep. Cheatham, his story is a barf bag worthy insult to American Soldiers and their bravery.

           I am a disabled American veteran.  Like so many others, I bear in my body and on my mind the scars of my service to my country.  I am not claiming bravery or heroism here.  I am simply trying to illustrate that I understand the difference between running to a fight and running from one.

Loyal American Soldiers carry the wounded to safety.


          The American Soldier to which Mr. Cheatham is referring is going off to war.  He will see things no human should have to see.  He will endure the harsh conditions of war.  He will suffer sleepless nights and hellatious days.  He will put his life in harm’s way everyday he is in Afghanistan.  He will feel the anxiety of patrolling the streets amid a hostile people.  He will feel the emptiness of being without his family.  He may even lose his life leaving his wife a widow and his son without a father.  Nevertheless, one thing is for certain, Mr. Cheatham, the American Soldier you reference will not desert his post.  He will not go AWOL.  He will stand and fight, and through his bravery and heroism, he will help secure freedom for all Americans.


Indiana Democrats relaxing at the Comfort Suites in Illinios.


          Now let’s see, Mr. Cheatham.  You and your rebel band of weak and fearful Democrats left Indianapolis and traveled in your luxury cars to the Comfort Suites in Illinois.  You slept in warm, soft beds.  When it got hot, you turned on the air conditioner.  When it got cold, you turned on the heater.  You safely traveled at will from your hideout to your home.  Hotel maids cleaned your room each day.  You sat in big comfortable chairs and played on your laptops.  Someone else prepared your meals…no C-Rations or MRE’s for you.  You abandoned your post, your place of duty.  You broke your sacred oath to not only all the voters in your district, but to all the voters of Indiana as well.  How can you possible equate your cowardice with the American Soldiers bravery?

          The truth be told, Mr. Cheatham, your words and actions on Saturday night, March 26, 2011, make you nothing more than an irritating pimple on that American Soldier’s behind.  It is such a tragedy that you have stooped so low.  Yes, Mr. Cheatham.  You have insulted a gallant American Soldier and all of our brave men and women serving in the Middle East.  You have insulted the people of Indiana by thinking them too stupid to see through your sophistry.

          So my question is this: If you have so little respect for the Indiana General Assembly, the American Soldier, and the people of Indiana, why don’t you and your fellow scamocrats resign and go home?


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Constituents Continue to Stand FOR Rep. Steven R. Stemler

          From the confused wake of the spineless walkout by Indiana Democrats and Patrick Bauer’s passive-aggressive comments toward the one and only Democrat to stand his ground by remaining in Indianapolis, comes a refreshing wave of unified and bi-partisan voices…thousands of them…supporting Rep. Steven R. Stemler.

           Below is yet another example of an American voicing his support.  Mr. Bodine and Mr. Moorer (highlighted yesterday in this blog) know holding a point-of-view isn’t enough.  If a viewpoint isn’t voiced, it isn’t heard, and if it isn’t heard, it’s worthless.  Below is the communication Mr. Bodine sent to Rep. Bauer.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 8:35 AM


Now that you and your band of societal misfits decided to once again earn your pay and return to work for the citizens of this great state, I know of no one who considers you “returning heroes.”

Your disgraceful coalition of mindless robots are firmly entrenched in the hip pockets of overpaid union members and underperforming educators.  I feel confident all of you will pay at the polls.  My representative, Steve Stemler, is the hero in this mess and NOT ONE of you is fit to carry his attaché case!

Tom Bodine

Jeffersonville, Indiana


All of us that trust and support Rep. Stemler should write, call, or e-mail Rep. Bauer and inform him of our stand.  Let him know he was right when he said “let Mr. Stemler’s constituents deal with him in his next election”.  We will deal with him, Mr. Bauer.  We will elect him over and over again because, unlike you, he is a man of principle and integrity.

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My Day At The Capitol


Indiana's Capitol Building

Indiana Rep. Steven Stemler

                I have long prided myself in being apolitical.  That is, I have made no allegiance with any political party.  I have researched every candidate I have voted for independent of any predetermined party ideology.  My quest to vote for the best candidate has lead me to vote for people of all parties at one time or another.  Furthermore, this quest for total party independence has lead me to refrain from attending any event sponsored by any candidate.  Until recently.

                On November 13, 2009, I wrote a blog titled, Legislative Session Preview.  In this blog, I noted my attendance at a political event sponsored by Steven R. Stemler, an Indiana Representative who happens to be a Democrat.  I enjoyed that event a lot because of the way in which it was presented and the way in which the legislators presented their message.  Shortly after writing that blog, Rep. Stemler invited me to Indianapolis, IN, to view the way our state government worked first-hand.  On January 12, 2010, I took Rep. Stemler up on his offer.

                My day at the Capitol included a front row seat in a meeting of the House Ways and Means Committee, a tour of the Capitol building, and a seat on the floor of the House of Representatives for their daily session.  I watched and listened as my legislators debated and voted on various House Bills.  To say I was impressed would be a gross understatement.  My day at the Capitol was a life-changing event for me.

                As I considered what I should write in this blog, I thought about how I would present a detailed list of all the neat things that happened to me, the House Bills I heard debated, and how the legislators voted.  However while these things are fascinating, they are not the things that affected me the most.  What influenced me the most are the lessons I learned listening to Rep. Stemler as he answered my questions and spoke of the responsibilities of government, legislators, and concerned citizens.  The following is a summary of the lessons I learned from Rep. Stemler…lessons every American citizen should know and value.

                First, I learned that legislators are human.  It is funny to me how sometimes we can de-humanize our elected officials.  All too often they become merely faces on election signs or names in the newspaper.  Frequently the public saddles them with beliefs and ideals based on who we think they are instead of who they actually are.  Our legislators are men and women with families they love and miss.  Each elected official, like each one of us, has hopes, dreams, and desires.  They are not perfect, nor do they claim to be.  If they are different from the majority of us, it is seen only in the fact that they still believe they can make a positive difference in our world, our country, our State, and in our lives, and they are acting on that belief.

                Second, I learned the decisions they have to make as legislators are seldom as clear-cut and easy as the hosts of radio talk shows or newspaper columnists make it sound, and they seldom have the sinister motives these media-folks ascribe to their decisions.  My day at the Capitol produced no evil spirits hopeful of taking over the world or desirous of absolute control over me.  Instead, I found legislators on both sides of the isle laboring honestly over difficult decisions, weighing the pros and cons, listening to expert witnesses, and considering the will of their constituency.  Our legislators truly want the best for us.

                Third, I learned of the mass complacency of the public.  This particular lesson really hit me close to home.  The public areas of both the Indiana House and Senate were virtually empty.  Oh, there were a few people observing the proceedings, but mostly those that filled the seats were students there on a field trip or students from local colleges and universities there on assignment.  As I gazed upon the empty seats, I thought of myself.  I am 51 years old and this was my first trip to any Capitol of any state in which I have ever lived, and my presents today was due only to a personal invitation offered to me by both my legislator and my friend.  For all of my adult life, I have been content to let government happen without my personal input…except voting.  I have prided myself on being apolitical.  What I realized sitting on the floor of the House of Representatives that day was that I am not apolitical…I am complacently uninvolved.  There is a big difference.  I can be involved in my government without being shackled by party platforms.  It is sobering to come face-to-face with a personal demon, and my political apathy was starring me squarely in the face.  Abraham Lincoln envisioned and spoke of a “government of the people, by the people, for the people” that “shall not perish from the earth” (  Yet, the truth is, if “we the people” are apathetic toward and uninvolved in our government, then our cherished form of rule will cease to be “of the people, for the people, by the people,” and it shall “perish from the earth.”

                Fourth, and finally, our legislators want and appreciate our participation.  Our legislators hold our opinion(s) as having great significance and merit.  Our input is useful to them in carrying out what we elected them to do.  They respect what we have to say and encourage us to say it.  In fact, the more we take part in our government the more efficient our government works (on every level).  This is truly the American Way.

                In this blog I have not endeavored to speak on behalf of Rep. Stemler or any other legislator (although I encourage any legislator reading this to post a comment of his or her own feelings), what I have tried to do is simply convey four of the most significant lessons I learned on My Day at The Capitol.

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ObamaCare: Really, What’s It All About?

The People Are The Power

I think it is terrible that 50 million Americans are without health care insurance.  Every citizen of the United States deserves the best health care available.  Without health insurance, it is virtually impossible to provide proper care.  So, I don’t understand why the 305-314 million of Americans who do have health insurance can’t chip in a little extra to insure all Americans’ health care concerns are adequately covered.



             The above sentiment has been expressed over and over in the last year or so.  Some are in passionate agreement, while others are in equally passionate opposition.  The most interesting thing, though, is no one really understands the President’s Health Care Bill…not even the President.

             I don’t understand it either, but I am not in favor of ObamaCare.  The reason for my opposition has nothing to do with my desire to see my fellow Americans healthy or unhealthy.  My opposition is based on a simple question: “What’s next?”  Let me explain.

            If ObamaCare is passed to insure all Americans have equal access to health insurance, then what will be next on the list of new Bills to pass that would support and protect all Americans?

             Perhaps we could pass a Bill to provide all Americans with Short and Long Term Disability insurance.  How many American’s have lost everything because of an accident or injury that caused them to be unable to work and draw a paycheck?  There are certainly more people without Disability Insurance than there are with it.

             What about passing a Bill that would provide all Americans with Auto Insurance?  How many times are Americans stuck with a repair bill and medical expenses because the person who hit them did not have insurance?  Or why not buy every person in the United States a car so they can get back and forth to work?

             What about Dental Insurance?  How many people do you see in the course of the day with really ugly teeth, no teeth at all, or incapacitated due to dental pain?  Surely we understand the direct correlation between survival and the ability to eat.

             Can we add Vision Insurance to the list as well?  How can we expect children to receive a quality education without being able to see their school books?  If we cannot provide every child in America with proper eye care, then there will be a whole lot of children left behind.

             How about Life Insurance?  Do you know anyone who has lost a spouse and are suffering because their loved one did not carry enough Life Insurance, if any?

             While we are at it, let’s institute a Homeless Insurance plan.  The Homeless Insurance plan would build or lease homes for anyone in America without a warm place to live.

             So far, we haven’t even discussed the various bail-out programs that have come and gone, are now in place, or are being planned.

             Clearly, this list could go on indefinitely, and rest assured…as it continues, it becomes even more absurd.  When will we finally have enough?  Where will it end?  Brace yourself.  It won’t end.  If allowed, elected officials will continue to come up with new ways to increase the size of our government and increase the dependency of every person living in the United States on the government.

             Perhaps the most troubling fact in all these Bills and Bail-outs is that it isn’t about caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, or housing the homeless.  No, when the agonizing truth is revealed, it’s all about power.  Power!

             Democrats and Republicans are at war for power.  Who controls the vote?  Who gets to decide how to spend the money?  Those that have the power, have the money.  No one really cares about the average tax-payer.  Why should those who have the power be concerned with those who do not?

             Like energy, power is not created.  Power is transferred.  Electricity is energy, and light is energy.  When electricity is applied to a light bulb, it lights up.  There is no new energy here, there is only transferred energy.  In reality, the American people control the majority of the power, but we have been transferring our power to elected officials for so long we’ve forgotten the true source of power.  We are the people.  We are the power!

             Since we are the power, we must exercise our power wisely.  Our own common sense tells us we cannot run our home finances like we allow our elected officials to run our nation’s finances.  If we do, our near future holds a total melt down of our national identity, our national security, and our nation.

             If ObamaCare is finally pushed down our throats, it will only be the first of many things forced down our throats in the future.  Remember this…if we choke too long, we will die and no insurance plan in the world will be able to save us then.

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