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Is this birth certificate genuine or a government-manufactured product? (Photo captured from Yahoo News)

Frankly, I want to believe it.  As an American, I hate to think of President Obama not being a natural citizen of the United States.  Then again, I hate to think the President of the United States can be elected without showing verifiable proof that he or she was born in the USA.

Yet, I still have some questions about the authenticity of the released document…

1.  If this document is real, why didn’t Obama produce it from the beginning?

2.  Why is Obama now concerned with a matter that “vexed” the nation?

3.  Why did Obama object so strongly to producing the document in the beginning?

While I may hold a little conspiracy theory mentality, I KNOW the government’s ability to produce authentic-looking documents.  Has the White House manufactured this document to try to pacify the lingering fence-riders?  Considering Obama’s past refusal to make his birth certificate public, is this release simply an election ploy?

Seriously, does the White House expect this new revelation to put to rest the concerns of the American people?

I, for one, believe this document is real and genuine.  But then, I am given to hyperbole and sarcasm.


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