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Constituents Continue to Stand FOR Rep. Steven R. Stemler

          From the confused wake of the spineless walkout by Indiana Democrats and Patrick Bauer’s passive-aggressive comments toward the one and only Democrat to stand his ground by remaining in Indianapolis, comes a refreshing wave of unified and bi-partisan voices…thousands of them…supporting Rep. Steven R. Stemler.

           Below is yet another example of an American voicing his support.  Mr. Bodine and Mr. Moorer (highlighted yesterday in this blog) know holding a point-of-view isn’t enough.  If a viewpoint isn’t voiced, it isn’t heard, and if it isn’t heard, it’s worthless.  Below is the communication Mr. Bodine sent to Rep. Bauer.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 8:35 AM


Now that you and your band of societal misfits decided to once again earn your pay and return to work for the citizens of this great state, I know of no one who considers you “returning heroes.”

Your disgraceful coalition of mindless robots are firmly entrenched in the hip pockets of overpaid union members and underperforming educators.  I feel confident all of you will pay at the polls.  My representative, Steve Stemler, is the hero in this mess and NOT ONE of you is fit to carry his attaché case!

Tom Bodine

Jeffersonville, Indiana


All of us that trust and support Rep. Stemler should write, call, or e-mail Rep. Bauer and inform him of our stand.  Let him know he was right when he said “let Mr. Stemler’s constituents deal with him in his next election”.  We will deal with him, Mr. Bauer.  We will elect him over and over again because, unlike you, he is a man of principle and integrity.


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  1. Agree with you John. Especially on the walkout by the Democrats. Another way to look at this is to look to our colonial history. One of the things that the King of England did through the Royal Governors was to “dissolve” the colonial legislatures when King George did not agree with what the legislatures were doing. That aribtrary use of power by the Crown was defined as “tyranny” because the peoples elected representatives were unable to meet to conduct the people’s business. If we look at what the Democrats did there is a strong correlation. The Democrats essentially “dissolved” the Indiana General Assembly thereby preventing the duly elected body of representatives from conducting the people’s business. Same effect…. a tyranny by the minority. I know the Indiana Constittuion and there is nothing that even remotely suggests that such a dilatory tactic is legal, ethical or moral. I agree further that those that participated in the walkout should be cited. It certainly establishes a dangerous precedent for governing and we will see more of it in the future. Personally, I will spend time in the next election working for the defeat of any member of the House that failed to fulfill their constitutional duty.


    Comment by Kettig Coghill | April 6, 2011 | Reply

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