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Constituents Take a Stand FOR Rep. Steven R. Stemler

          The Indiana Democrats have returned from their hideout in Illinois with great boasts of victory and self-conferred accolades of heroism.  Rep. Bauer and the rest of his gang claim to be the saviors of the common working people of Indiana, but are blind to the fact that their constituents comprise more than just teachers and union workers.

         One Hoosier, Conrad Moorer (a resident of Jeffersonville, IN) took exception to Rep. Bauer and his rhetoric against the three Democrats who refrained from walking out on their duty.  Below is a letter that Mr. Moorer wrote to Rep. Bauer in support of Rep. Steven R. Stemler (The ONLY Democrat that refused to walkout on his duties and responsibilities to the People of Indiana).



Dated: Mar 30, 2011, at 10:29 AM,

Mr. Bauer,

I was offended when you some weeks ago made a statement to the media that you would “let Mr. Stemler’s constituents deal with him in his next election”.  Frankly, Sir you have little idea of how most of us feel concerning our representative.  The Evening News has been taking an online poll and I thought I would share the results as of this morning with you: 356 people have voted and 267 (75%) say they support Mr. Stemler, 86 (24.16%) do not support him staying and 3 (0.840) voted other.  I consider Mr. Stemler a Statesman and you and your followers are simply politicians and believe me there is a difference.  I cannot tell you how many people (yes, members of your party that have told me Steve did the right thing by staying).  Hopefully, now that your vacation on taxpayers dollars is over you can get down to business.


Conrad Moorer


         I want to applaud Rep. Stemler publically for his character, his courage, and his dedication to the People of Indiana.  Mr. Moorer is also worthy of praise for his willingness to stand up for a notable “Statesman”.

          The State of Indiana would be a better place if we had more people in it like Rep. Stemler and Mr. Moorer.


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  1. That was good John. Thanks, Rick.

    Comment by Rick Berry | March 31, 2011 | Reply

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