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Election 2010: Who is the Real Winner?

Reading something of genuine value on the 2010 Election seems near impossible.  The media is replete with massive explanations of why voters voted as they did.  Typically, both the Republicans and the Democrats are spinning the election.  The Democrats are using intellectuals to dissect the demographics and write lengthy studies about why the vote was sexist or racist or some other term of disillusionment.  The Republicans, on the other hand, are strutting around like proud Roosters claiming a massive Victory over the Democrats. 

However, what is the reality?  Were the American people sexist or racist in their vote?  Is this Election some massive victory for which the Republicans can be proud?  No, not really.  The reality is the Victory goes to the American People. 

If the Victory of 2010 goes to any party, it must go to the Tea Party Movement who facilitated a massive influx of voters by awakening the silent majority.  Long considered a sleeping giant…the silent majority made it to the polls.  It was the Tea Party Movement’s consistent hammering of their simple platform (limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets) that motivated Americans to vote. 

Silent no longer, “we the people” felt the empowerment of a united voice.  From Corporate Executive to Housewife to Farmer to Dishwasher, the populous of our nation realized the need to let the sound of their voices ring out to all.  Rich and poor alike flooded the polling places and cast their ballot. 

Some have said the 2010 Election results were not so much for Republicans as against President Obama.  Perhaps, but I honestly do not think personalities had as much to do with it as policies.  Unconscionable political agenda fell victim to honorable powerful principles.  Had President Obama sought a legacy of fiscal responsibility instead of massive spending increases, his job would not be in jeopardy right now.  Had President Obama sought a legacy of limited, less intrusive government instead of pushing the Health Care Bill down our throats, then his administration would find far less resistance.  Had President Obama sought a legacy of free markets instead of trying to regulate all trade under the rule of the White House, the Election could have been much different.  The American People spoke out against this administration’s policies.  Had President Obama set a different course two years ago, he could be the wildly popular president that he so wants to be. 

The sleeping giant…we the people…the average American…has always been out there lurking in the shadows of every election.  For centuries, political parties have tried to find the secret word(s) that would bring the sleeping giant out of the cave of apathy.  The Tea Party Movement finally found the right combination of values that lured the giant from the depths of apathy.  The Tea Party, like so long ago, revitalized and rejuvenated a people oppressed by the politically elite and gave hope again to a majestic, free society. 

I do not see the Election of 2010 as a humiliating defeat for Democrats, or a monumental victory for the Republicans.  This Election will forever stand as the Day in History when the American people finally came out to vote.  This election is an epic victory for the Tea Party Movement who mobilized the people not only physically to the polls, but mentally as well.  We the people finally see what representative government is supposed to look like. 

It is, therefore, inherently incumbent on the Tea Party Movement to keep pressing the issues and upholding its simple platform.  The Tea Party Movement must continue to be vigilant in guarding the Constitution and our American way of life from enemies, deserters, and overly zealous freshmen officials. 

It is funny though, because just behind a very thin veil lies the Tea Party’s sleeping giant’s ever-present warning: “We are watching.  We care.  And, what we did this year, we can change two years from now.”  May the power of government be always in the hands of “we the people”!


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  1. I hope that I live to see in my lifetime a Conservative majority in both houses of Congress and concurrently a Conservative President and a strict constructionist Supreme Court. God willing Tuesday was the start of this ascendancy.

    Comment by The War Eagle | November 9, 2010 | Reply

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