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If Not Today…When?

If Not Today…When? 

If not today…when will Americans raise their voices against BIG, INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT?  We must stop any government that creeps into our private lives and spies on our very thoughts.  Just curious.  By a show of hands, how many of you believe the GOOGLE EARTH CAR collected account numbers and passwords by accident?

If not today…when will Americans stop politicians from telling us how much to pay in taxes and start telling our Government how much it can spend?  Aren’t you tired of higher taxes and smaller paychecks?  Aren’t you tired of piling more and more debt on your great-grandchildren?  Aren’t you tired of our increased dependence on foriegn money to operate our country?  Politicians will spend all of your money…and then some…if you let them.  When did “we the people” lose control over our government?  WE are the power givers, not them. 

If not today…when will Americans unite against the self-serving ideas of the power mongers and stand for the Will of the People?  When will we establish for ourselves the fortitude to stand for that which is right?  The longer we allow the current pork-barrel-what’s-in-it-for-me-Popeye politics to continue, the harder it will be to reverse its damage.

If not today…when will Americans stop being passive about how government offices are run and start demanding that our elected officials run their offices by our standards?  They are, in fact, our (we the people) offices.  We own every office in America, and we fill them with good employees or we fire the bad employees.  How polluted and disillusioned does any elected official have to be to misunderstand that simply truth?  We the people DO tell you how to run your political office. 

If not today…when?  If not through our votes…how? 

Early this morning, just after the polls opened, I cast my vote.  I voted for Democrats, Republicans, an Independent, and a Libertarian.  I voted to end oppression.  I voted to whittle our government down to size.  I voted to stop excessive spending and debt building.  I voted for free markets.  I voted for individual accomplishment and collective compassion.  I voted for America…the country in which I live, the people for which I fought, and the ideals which made us great in the past and will make us great in the future. 

Take charge America!  If not today…when?


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  1. Well, we’ve had a few days to digest what happened on Nov. 2. It was the end of the first battle to retake our country. I believe that true conservatives are going to demand not only competence but adherence to conservative principles from both parties and that we will no longer tolerate the status quo but reach for new heights of freedom and liberty in this land we love. We must fight the next battle and the next and the next. In my case, I would lose faith with my parents and my children. They may take us patriots and put us up against the wall, but they can’t stop what we’ve started.

    Comment by The War Eagle | November 7, 2010 | Reply

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