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What Say Ye, America?

What Say Ye, America?

For many Americans, the Election process is a wearisome process.  Take John Lucas, for instance.  I have no knowledge of Mr. Lucas whatsoever.  I have never met him.  I do not know if he has a wife or children.  I do not know his educational background.  All I know of Mr. Lucas is what he wrote today in the Evansville Courier & Press ( 

I learned three things about Mr. Lucas from his writing.  First, Mr. Lucas is tired of the deceptions, half-truths, and outright lies told during the campaigning process of an Election.  He states, “Electioneering always has been an egregious process”.  He talks of feeling “assaulted” by candidates knocking on his door “begging” for votes.  In fact, the only value Mr. Lucas sees in campaigning are the colorful yard signs placed by candidates or their supporters.  He said,

“But if tomorrow’s election has a bright side, it is that it has brought a touch of color to an otherwise fairly drab fall season.  The plentitude of signs along the roads has been a fairly good substitute for the oranges, reds and purples of the maples and gums.  And if history is any indicator, they’ll continue to show their colors long after leaves are in the compost pile.” 

Second, I learned Mr. Lucas, intelligent though he may be, has lost all knowledge of, or has absolutely no understanding of, the political process in America.  Listen as he says, “What we must do after tomorrow is demand that whoever is elected governs — that they work to keep the ship of state from sinking”.  Mr. Lucas, how can we demand anything after the election?  The election is the precise time in which we make our demands of those elected that they govern us appropriately.  After the election, it is too late.  It is during the election that “we the people” voice our powerful opinions.  It is by our vote that we send those elected officials with a poor performance record home and appoint someone else to “keep the ship of state from sinking”. 

Third, I learned that Mr. Lucas does not understand that EVERY ELECTION is the most important ever.  He stated, “And I’m tired of hearing that tomorrow’s election is the “most important one in the history of our country.  The people saying that about tomorrow also said it about Election Day two years ago and the one four years before that and so on.”  Now to be fair, following this statement Mr. Lucas immediately says, “Every Election Day is an important one.”  Mr. Lucas, Every Election Day is not only an important one, but it is the most important one ever.  Election Days have occurred since nearly the inception and independence of the Thirteen Colonies, but a long history does not negate the importance of EACH Election Day.  We cannot change the past, and if truth be told, we have only a minimum effect on the present.  We can only change the future. 

Sadly, I am afraid there are many Americans that feel exactly the way Mr. Lucas feels…and in many respects, I am one of those people. 

I am tired of the sophistry so evident in today’s politics.  I am weary of those seeking elected offices being power mongers instead of public servants.  I am worn out of those that seek to divide us as Americans instead of uniting us.  Why do we even talk of the black, gay, poor, rich, middle-class, or senior votes?  We are Americans…one and all.  When will we stop allowing those who rule over us to use this tactic to divide us?

 So.  What say ye, America?  Will you actively participate in the American Dream and vote tomorrow?  Will you exercise your right to let your voice be heard, or will you join Mr. Lucas on a sightseeing tour of all the pretty colored political signs that dot our landscape?  Will you tell the power-mongers they are fired and to take a hike, or will you wait until Wednesday and complain while you are watching TV “get back to their real business of selling personal hygiene products”? 

I hope you will join me at the polls.  I hope you will cast an informed vote.  I hope you will exercise your freedom as faithful American Patriots.  Remember, true freedom is spelled V-O-T-E!


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