Small Talk About Big Issues

Touching Base with Common Sense

Parasites and Politics

Parasitic Worms Taken from a Human Body

As gross as it may seem, Frank’s description of our current political condition is shockingly accurate.  Be thinking about this tomorrow when you cast your vote.


You are right on track with you comments. The people in congress have devolved into parasites. They survive by feeding off of the host who happens to be the American People. They are incompetent in serving the american people and they ironically are incompetent as parasites. A successful parasite learns to feed off but not destroy its host. These idiots are sucking the life from the american people and when we are at our weakest they still want to take more. Well the host is aware of the parasites feeding off of it now. On Nov. 2 we can all take a dose of our freedom to vote and kill the bugs.

Power to the Tea Party!”

Comment by Frank Mingione | November 1, 2010 <!– @ 1:04 pm –>|


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