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Obama’s Popeye Politics and Policies

Popeye Characters

I loved to watch Popeye when I was a child. Didn’t you?

Is it possible to make a correlation between Popeye, the cartoon series, and President Obama’s policies? I think so. As I considered this blog, I realized several parallels. In fact, the more I think about Popeye, the more I wonder if the writers were not making some commentary on the political complexion of their own era.

Time seems to have obliterated the line of distinction between good and evil. For some today, good and evil do not exist…except as archaic labels. It seems far more politically correct to speak of liberals and conservatives, and their respective points of view. Evil has become far more vocal than good, and good…while still the majority…is in desperate need of a can of spinach.

Let’s identify the five main characters in the cartoon, Popeye.

Olive Oyl represents America. She is poorly informed and sways back and forth with the moment and what sounds good to her. She does not understand the world, herself, her own system, or the rules. She certainly does not understand the stakes.

Then there is Brutus, who represents the elected officials who really do not love America and are only courting the American people to line their own pockets and egos. Brutus understands Olive Oyl well, and he knows just how to trip her happy trigger. Brutus also clearly understands that what he says or does today, may not be what he will have to say or do tomorrow to get Olive Oil to accept his advances.

There is Wimpy. He represents the American people who, like Brutus, are only looking out for himself. He loves hamburgers, but somehow never has the money to buy one. However, not having the money to buy a hamburger never stops Wimpy from eating. He is always eating, or just finishing, a hamburger. Most of the time, our pal Wimpy has a whole plate of hamburgers stacked unbelievably high. The interesting thing is this, we never see Wimpy paying anyone back for buying him a hamburger.

Popeye is the hero.  He represents our elected officials who honestly and genuinely love and care for the America people and our way of life.  Popeye recognizes Brutus for what he is and knows he has to stop him.  However, Popeye often seems indecisive as to what actions he should take because he knows that whatever he does will impact Olive Oyl, his true love, in some way.  Popeye’s character is also representative of the American people in that when he has had “alls I can standz, I can’t standz no more”, he pulls out the Spinach and gets busy cleaning Brutus’ plow.

In addition, let us not forget Sweet Pea. He is Olive Oyl’s little boy. He represents the youth of today. The cartoon never tells us if Sweet Pea is the offspring of Popeye or Brutus. What we do know, however, is Sweet Pea is always watching and learning from the actions of the adults around him…and his future rests in the hands of one victorious in the battle between Popeye and Brutus.

Lastly, let’s talk about Spinach. For Popeye, Spinach gave him the power to defeat Brutus and his evil ways. Today, Spinach represents the power of the American people to vote…it is our voice and our ultimate superpower.

Perhaps, even as you have read this short post, you, too, have noticed the uncanny similarities between Popeye, the cartoon, and America today. Are you brave enough to identify with one of the above characters? Which character best represents you? Which character best represents your actions? Do you care how Sweet Pea turns out?

I’m ready for my can of Spinach! I’m tired of Obama’s Popeye Cartoon Politics and Policies. I’m concerned about the future of our country and the pathway we are currently traveling! I’m concerned about the future my own little “Sweet Peas” will inherit!

I’m an American! I’m a disabled Veteran! I’m a businessperson! Moreover, I’m going to exercise my superpower to vote on November 2nd! On Election Day, I will be voting for both Democrats and Republicans, but I will be voting to reduce out-of-control spending and reduce big government.

If you are a Brutus or a Wimpy, watch out! I’m voting to get you out of office and out of my wallet. Wimpy…if you need a hand, just ask. I’ll help you out. However, I will not do it forever, and I will not allow Brutus to make me give it to you. Olive Oyl, I love you honey, but I am sure getting tired of you falling for Brutus’ deceptive practices and tactics. Smarten up, girl. Take some initiative. Oh, and Sweet Pea, I don’t care who your daddy is. I love you. You pay close attention to me, though. I’m going to act on your behalf. It may not be all giggles at first, but in the long run, you will respect and appreciate me for what I have done.


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  1. Wimpy’s paragraph is my favorite!!!! While you’re right about where I depart philosophically, I think you’ve done a stellar job in your comparisons! Love ya, pop!

    Comment by Joey | October 28, 2010 | Reply

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