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I Am So Proud

As my eyes opened this morning, I knew today would be historic.

I bounced out of bed, threw on my clothes, kissed my wife good-bye, and headed for Waffle House to read the morning paper and drink far too many cups of coffee.  Walking through the front door of the restaurant, I was greeted nicely by the staff, “Good Morning!”  “Hey, ya’ll,” I replied and headed for my favorite seat.  By the time I got my newspaper opened, my steaming, hot coffee arrived.  From there…my historic day went downhill.


“Healthcare Reform”


My stomach ached, my heart sank, my head hurt, my bad back flared up, and my wallet suddenly reduced in size.

But…I am so proud!  I am proud that Bubba and Cooter are finally going to be covered by Health Insurance.  I am so proud that now every illegal immigrant will get Health Insurance at my expense.  Oh, I know Obama promised that illegal immigrants would not receive healthcare.  BUT with Obama’s Immigration Reform getting ready to follow on the heals of his Healthcare Reform, there will be no “illegal” immigrants…14 million people living ILLEGALLY inside the United States will suddenly become “LEGAL” and ELIGIBLE.

Yes, I am so proud that now the only doctor I will be able to afford will be the TOP graduates from the highly acclaimed University of Louisville’s (and other esteemed university’s) School of Correspondence Medicine or from the prestigious ACME On-Line School of Medical Science.  The good doctors will refuse the insulting government-supported, government-ran insurances and go to a “cash only” basis.

I am so proud that now more of my hard-earned income will be eaten up in new taxes.  Although I’m bursting with pride over paying taxes both when I earn my income and when I spend it, now I can increase my pleasure with the 19+ new taxes or tax increases included in Obama’s New Healthcare Reform LAW.

I am so proud that I spent seven years of my life defending this country in the Army.  I am so proud that I am a Disabled American Veteran.  I am so proud that I have worked for 32+ years in this country of pure opportunity.  I am so proud that now all that I am and all that I have can be contributed to making sure the Bubbas and Cooters of our nation–MY NATION– have the proper healthcare.

I am so proud the politicians that forced their Will on the Will of “we the people” feel such pride in adding what will surely be another super-successful government program to our history books.  Nancy Pelosi is already hailing the Healthcare Reform LAW as successful!  She is placing this new LAW along many other decorated government programs like Social Security and Medicare…and rightfully so as this LAW will be an EQUAL FAILURE.    Heralding the idea that our Founding Fathers would be proud, she equates our new Healthcare LAW with “LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS” and “THE GENERAL WELFARE.”  IF that is the case, then I guess our Founding Father’s were miserable when they were alive since they didn’t pass such a rediculous LAW.  Furthermore, I suppose the generations that followed were also all miserable since BACK THEN people took care of themselves and others WITHOUT BIG GOVERNMENT INTERDICTION.  I guess every generation since the 1700’s has been MORALLY BANKRUPT since none of them passed such LAW.

Today will truly go down in the record books as a historic day…like December 8th, 1941…the day after.

I am so proud…NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. It is only the first step in making very bad history, and time will tell. John, thank you for your service.

    It seems to me it is simple with out the emotional baggage on both sides of the health-care debate.

    Question, Can we and future generations afford these bureaucratic and fiscal actions with out additional burdens of debt and taxes to this generation and future ones?

    I wholehearted agree with compassion and caring in voluntary actions of giving time and money in accordance with the individual means of the people.

    I do not agree with adding a bureaucracy, which has proven in other, similar programs that they are inherent with solvency dangers.

    Personally, I am in and working a plan to be debt free including my mortgage, so that I will improve my freedoms in helping my sons, others and serving in my community.

    As scripture teaches, ” debtor… slave to the lender be” I hope to set an example of the work and discipline it requires to achieve one’s dream of the individual pursuit of happiness.

    Discipline includes the word NO! We certainly in Sunday’s vote have put growing expenditures in front of growing the earnings. The end does not justify the means. We have taken the first step to put our federal government into a service providing marathon, in which historically, it has been less than fiscally responsible and even inept.

    I appreciate hearing/reading your thoughts, and do hope for the best. It is a complex issue and I have family serving in health-care, today, at several levels of responsibility. They are even divided.

    The fact remains, We live in the greatest example of Human freedom on this Earth, and for that I am most grateful.

    Comment by Jim Oberschmidt | March 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. This country was built under the Rule of Law to prevent the tyranny that the colonies suffered under British Parliamentary sovereignty from happening again.
    The Rule of Law was formulated with the US Constitution as the highest law in the land with no body above the law. The US Constitution defined and limited the powers of the US Congress expressly to prevent Parliamentary sovereignty.
    Throughout history, the US Congress has been stretching the limits of the Interstate Commerce and General Welfare clauses, culminating with the passage of Health Care where the last Constitutional restraint on Congress’ power has been shaken off. Without Constitutional restraint, there is no law to limit the power of Congress, making this country subject to Parliamentary sovereignty – exactly what the founders attempted to prevent! We have become what we’ve rebelled against!
    John Locke in The Second Treatise of Civil Government states: “Where-ever law ends, tyranny begins”, and when the highest law, it is the highest tyranny.
    Whereas the US Supreme Court has abdicated it’s responsibility to defend the US Constitution, it falls on each State to defend their rights, and join together in restoring the US Constitution.

    Comment by the1Fred | March 22, 2010 | Reply

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