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ObamaCare: Really, What’s It All About?

The People Are The Power

I think it is terrible that 50 million Americans are without health care insurance.  Every citizen of the United States deserves the best health care available.  Without health insurance, it is virtually impossible to provide proper care.  So, I don’t understand why the 305-314 million of Americans who do have health insurance can’t chip in a little extra to insure all Americans’ health care concerns are adequately covered.



             The above sentiment has been expressed over and over in the last year or so.  Some are in passionate agreement, while others are in equally passionate opposition.  The most interesting thing, though, is no one really understands the President’s Health Care Bill…not even the President.

             I don’t understand it either, but I am not in favor of ObamaCare.  The reason for my opposition has nothing to do with my desire to see my fellow Americans healthy or unhealthy.  My opposition is based on a simple question: “What’s next?”  Let me explain.

            If ObamaCare is passed to insure all Americans have equal access to health insurance, then what will be next on the list of new Bills to pass that would support and protect all Americans?

             Perhaps we could pass a Bill to provide all Americans with Short and Long Term Disability insurance.  How many American’s have lost everything because of an accident or injury that caused them to be unable to work and draw a paycheck?  There are certainly more people without Disability Insurance than there are with it.

             What about passing a Bill that would provide all Americans with Auto Insurance?  How many times are Americans stuck with a repair bill and medical expenses because the person who hit them did not have insurance?  Or why not buy every person in the United States a car so they can get back and forth to work?

             What about Dental Insurance?  How many people do you see in the course of the day with really ugly teeth, no teeth at all, or incapacitated due to dental pain?  Surely we understand the direct correlation between survival and the ability to eat.

             Can we add Vision Insurance to the list as well?  How can we expect children to receive a quality education without being able to see their school books?  If we cannot provide every child in America with proper eye care, then there will be a whole lot of children left behind.

             How about Life Insurance?  Do you know anyone who has lost a spouse and are suffering because their loved one did not carry enough Life Insurance, if any?

             While we are at it, let’s institute a Homeless Insurance plan.  The Homeless Insurance plan would build or lease homes for anyone in America without a warm place to live.

             So far, we haven’t even discussed the various bail-out programs that have come and gone, are now in place, or are being planned.

             Clearly, this list could go on indefinitely, and rest assured…as it continues, it becomes even more absurd.  When will we finally have enough?  Where will it end?  Brace yourself.  It won’t end.  If allowed, elected officials will continue to come up with new ways to increase the size of our government and increase the dependency of every person living in the United States on the government.

             Perhaps the most troubling fact in all these Bills and Bail-outs is that it isn’t about caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, or housing the homeless.  No, when the agonizing truth is revealed, it’s all about power.  Power!

             Democrats and Republicans are at war for power.  Who controls the vote?  Who gets to decide how to spend the money?  Those that have the power, have the money.  No one really cares about the average tax-payer.  Why should those who have the power be concerned with those who do not?

             Like energy, power is not created.  Power is transferred.  Electricity is energy, and light is energy.  When electricity is applied to a light bulb, it lights up.  There is no new energy here, there is only transferred energy.  In reality, the American people control the majority of the power, but we have been transferring our power to elected officials for so long we’ve forgotten the true source of power.  We are the people.  We are the power!

             Since we are the power, we must exercise our power wisely.  Our own common sense tells us we cannot run our home finances like we allow our elected officials to run our nation’s finances.  If we do, our near future holds a total melt down of our national identity, our national security, and our nation.

             If ObamaCare is finally pushed down our throats, it will only be the first of many things forced down our throats in the future.  Remember this…if we choke too long, we will die and no insurance plan in the world will be able to save us then.


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