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Procrastinating President

President Obama takes great pride in his first 100 days in office.  Do you remember the headlines that touted how many things the President accomplished in just over three months?  Wow!  What a decision maker he must be.  Or, is he?Chris and Cameron

How long will he take to decide on more troops for Afghanistan?  Highly trained and intelligent Generals are calling for more troops to insure mission accomplishment and troop safety.  Time and again President Obama’s Generals have called and pleaded for more soldiers, but our President can’t seem to make a decision.  Six meetings with his advisors, and no decision.  Heavy American fatalities, and no decision.  Why is he procrastinating?  Why can’t he make a decision?

Our soldiers need our support!  Our soldiers need our President’s support!  Our soldiers are moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters who miss their families, their homes, and their friends.  Support them or bring them home. 

In this case, Mr. President, procrastination is blood on your hands!


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The Beginning

The world is going crazy, and we are being sucked into its bizarre vortex at an alarming rate.  Violence dominates the world scene.  Madness dictates our domestic landscape.  Evil is called good, and good is labeled evil.  Common sense is martyred at the stake of political correctness. 

This blog is my voice and my vision.  You are not compelled to read it or agree with it.  In fact, I do not expect nor solicit agreement.  My sole purpose in writing this blog is to interject a different perspective on current events, a perspective that seems logical to me.  No doubt some will read and be outraged while others will read and be encouraged.

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